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Apple Watch Series 5 Features | The Ultimate Review

It’s time to review the new Apple Watch Series 5 Since the smartwatches appeared in the world, and Apple has been competing so well in this field, Apple has launched The first smartwatch Series 1 in September 2016 The watch has been a great success at this time due to The great potential and its modern futuristic shape that made many users buy it Instead of the traditional watches, Apple has developed this watch year after year

and we have now reached the fifth version of the apple watch, the Series 5, that watch comes with many features and improvements from previous generations this made the watch one of the best smartwatches in the world until now tet’s talk a little bit in this ultimate review about the specifications and the new features that make this new Apple Watch Series 5 a real monster that everybody wants to buy!

Design :-

apple watch series 5 design

Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a similar design to the previous versions They are very much identical  the square-shaped chassis with round edges thanks to the curved glass comes in 44×38 mm, with 10.7 mm thickness and weighs 47.8 grams

which makes the watch light and comfortable in the hand it also comes with a lot of materials to choose from aluminum and steel and ceramic it depends on your budget, most people can only afford the aluminum and it also comes in 2 versions 40mm and 44mm

For me I prefer the smaller one, it’s light and comfortable in the hand and won’t hurt your hand in long hours using and the screen is that not big to go with but it still your choice The only downside of the design is that it has become ubiquitous. The Apple Watch is no longer unique or special

Display :-

apple watch series 5 Display

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a 1.78-inch 448×368 pixels OLED display, and 326 PPI, the screen supports 16 million different colors and very bright up to 1000 nits that will help you to see the screen clearly under the sunlight

Apple Watch Series 5 finally gets an always-on display, meaning you can show off your favorite watch face (and check it) without the awkward, exaggerated wrist gesture to wake the screen and it also supports The 3D Touch feature screen that was available in the previous iPhones like iPhone X and was removed in the new iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Water Resistance :-

apple watch series 5 water Resistance

The new Apple Watch Series 5 can work at 50 meters underwater depth, making it very useful for divers and swimmers, As well as a smartwatch that measures the heartbeat in water and blood pressure and monitor changes in the human body during movement and swimming it, can really save your life and it did save a lot of people life’s

That what makes The apple watch is a safety tool or something you can put your life on it can send a message to the police or the medical teams with your location if something goes wrong!

Operating System :-

apple watch series 5 software

The watch works with the latest operating system from Apple watch OS 6.0 and can be upgraded to Watch OS 6.2 and supports the Wifi

WatchOS 6.2 really feels like a shrunken-down version of iOS. For example, you swipe down to see your notifications, and you can double-press the digital crown to call up Apple Pay. A swipe up from the bottom opens the settings menu, Swipe left or right along the bottom to switch between watch faces and raise the watch at any time to begin talking to Siri.

It’s Great with Apple ECO System that will allow you to share everything you do on your iPhone with the smartwatch it also supports Bluetooth 5G such as the new phones from Apple and Samsung it’s very cool technology you can connect two devices in the same Bluetooth

Sound Quality :-

apple watch series 5 sound quailty

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with very loudspeakers that make the sound very loud and clear it’s very useful for hearing the notifications sound and software features it also combined with a vibration that will make you feel every touch in the screen

and of course, making calls, or get directions or talking to Siri and not only the watch can produce a sound it also can measure the sound that coming from any device great isn’t it?

Performance :-

apple watch series 5 performance

Apple Watch Series 5 supports a powerful processor it’s the Apple S5 chip that solved the problem of the lag and slow in previous generations it is extremely snappy and surprisingly capable with the new graphics processor Power VR combined together creates a performance beast

Interior Space :-

The watch has an impressive 32GB of on-board storage, all the usual sensors, built-in GPS (no phone necessary) and optional cellular data The Interior Space is more than enough for anyone

Health Care :-

apple watch series 5 health care

Apple Watch 5 can measure the duration of sleep hours regularly and gives you tips to improve the body’s normal sleep rate and monitor changes in heart rate and blood but you need to download a third-party app for sleep recording

When exercising such as running, skiing, mountaineering, football, or hockey it’s very helpful when it comes to fitness and health care and there are special types of apple watch series 5 made just for athletes like the Nike apple watch series 5 version

Battery life :-

Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a large non-removable lithium-ion battery that can last up to 18 hours of continuous use and supports wireless charging and the normal charging too and the battery lasts a full day with all the featured enabled and The always-on Display as well.

Colors :-

apple watch series 5 colors

The watch comes in 3 different colors, silver, gold, and apple popular color Space Grey in addition to the (band)

Which comes in several different colors to suit the color of the watch chosen and also different types there is fabric, leather, and rubber you have many options to choose from but keep in mind that the prices also change

Apple Watch Series 5 Pros :-

  • Always On Display Feature made the watch looks amazing not just a black square
  • Amazing bright and sharp Edged Display that supports 3D Touch
  • A large battery that can last up to 18h (mixed-use)
  • Huge 32GB interior space storage
  • A powerful processor that can handle anything even 3D games
  • Up To 50 meters underwater

Apple Watch Series 5 cons :-

  • No 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Same old design slightly changes
  • a little bit High Price especially for Other materials

Final Thoughts Should You Buy it or Not?

The New Apple Watch Series 5 is Great But it didn’t really worth the upgrade and paying 400$ if you have a series 4 version you won’t feel the difference but if you have a series 3 or 2 then it’s your best chance to upgrade the machine and get something better!

The Prices :-

The watch starts at $400 for the regular aluminum and the price increases depending on the type of metal you choose there are types come with titanium and types come with ceramic and the special one come covered with 24 caliber gold and each type has a special price,

but we have mentioned the price for the regular version that anyone would think to buy if he decided to buy Smartwatch from Apple.

Apple Watch Series 5 Official Announcing :-

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