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Google Pixel 4XL Full Review | what’s New?

Google fans began to lose their excitement towards its Flagships and I think they are right because Google has a problem with its phones every year.

The first version had a terrible design and build quality, the second had display issues, the third had terrible notch and bad design, So every year Google has such a problem like that, but I think it’s different this year.

Google Pixel 4Xl review

According to Google Pixel 4XL, We’ve noticed that Google started to find a solution to its problems. It solved some of its problems, but she couldn’t beat the largest companies such as Samsung and Apple.

Google got rid of the annoying notch in Google Pixel 3Xl, improved the design and The build quality, and added a new Rear Camera Although Google did perfect developments this year and her flagships come with Raw Android and great Rear Camera


but it’s still difficult to compete with nowadays flagships as Google Pixel 4XL has an old screen design and doesn’t have the new features like built-in fingerprint and full screen interface with a front camera built in it This is not to say it’s a bad phone, it’s actually really great in several areas it’s just a bit disappointing.

It’s not fair to position Google Pixel 4Xl in terms of Android as Google is the founder of Android System and Google Flagships are really powerful. In this article, you will figure out if Google Pixel 4Xl is really different from the last version and can be compared to the other flagships or not.

Google Pixel 4XL Design


Google Pixel 4XL comes this year with a completely different design from previous versions as the company got rid of the annoying and huge notch, It also comes with a matte finish and aluminum frame, That supports IP68 dust and water resistance and has a little edge on both sides.


The back of the phone is completely made of glass unlike the habit of Google which used to make the top of the glass but the bottom of the plastic and the phone has a dual camera in the back of the phone with a similar design to the iPhone 11 Pro This year Google added something to its phone to give it a special look, as you can see the phone has three different colors in the same device.

Google Pixel 4XL display


Google Pixel 4XL phone comes with a high resolution Display it comes with a 1440×3040 resolution(537 pixels per inch) and a 19:9 ratio The Screen is big 6.3 inches with QHD+ resolution with medium bezel at the top which contains the 3D face Unlock sensor and a small one in the bottom


Also, the screen of the Google Pixel 4XL supports Always On Display feature which appeared for the first time on Samsung’s phones then transmitted by other companies including Google Also, The refresh rate has increased to 90 Hz instead of 60 Hz, but if you want to save your battery life you have to apply the 60 Hz, actually you can’t even use the 90 Hz in some games because it’s not supported yet and finally, the screen has Gorilla Glass 5 as a protective layer

Rear camera


It was a surprise to see the dual camera in the back of the phone but most phones now come with 3 cameras in the back so it shouldn’t be a problem but actually Google does not need this number of cameras and this is because of the perfect software that processes photos to make them perfect

Main camera

The Google Pixel 4Xl main camera is still 12.2MP though the aperture has been improved slightly to f/1.7.It images a 77-degree field of view (FOV), on the opposite side Samsung Galaxy S10 has 123-degree FOV but it’s still fine with the Pixel 4Xl.

Also, the main camera supports OIS + EIS which makes recording videos more stable The main camera has a new feature called astrophotography mode, this feature is unbelievable which gives you great photos at night you won’t need a fancy DSLR or any editing to get a photo like that.

The astrophotography mode recognizes the user and the heaven around him then photograph sets for long exposure for nearly 4 minutes to give you a clear photo and show planets and starts while also illuminating the foreground, including people.

Second camera

The new 16MP f/2.4 telephoto lens offers a 2x optical zoom and 8x hybrid zoom The phone switches automatically to the new lens at around 1.8x zoom The new lens images a 57 field of view (FOV) and also has OIS + EIS PDAF, The camera supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second and also supports 1080p video recording at 30,60,120 frames per second.

Front camera

The phone comes with a single camera in the front as usual in 8 MP and ƒ/2.0 aperture. It images a 90-degree FoV. It has TOF 3D lens with HDR. It also supports 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second.

The Front camera supports the 3D face Unlock which is really insane. It works from any angel or a direction and this is because of the NIR cameras which are already searching for your face. Actually you don’t even have to touch your phone Because Google Pixel 4 knows you’re going to pick it up before you even touch it.

Processor and system

Google Pixel 4XL

The Google Pixel 4XL has the latest processor from Qualcomm, snapDragon 855 octa-core. The phone is fast snappy for all tasks, and with the Adreno 640 graphics chip, it powers games like PUBG without a hitch

The Google Pixel 4XL performance is really good and good enough although it does not have a huge number of ram like some Samsung phones but the raw android that google uses is very light you won’t need that much of ram The phone also supports the latest operating system, Android 10 which has been optimized for the Night Mode features and now includes almost all the applications.



Actually the battery is one of the most killing disadvantages of the Google Pixel 4XL, as battery life didn’t get increased enough compared to the last In one representative instance, we went from 100% to 50% in around 8 hours under typical conditions, which included listening to music, streaming some videos, browsing social media, and texting, The phone comes with a 3,700 mAh battery with 18w fast charging and wireless charging capability. version.

Storage and ram

The phone comes with two copies

  • The first comes with 6GB (RAM) with 64GB of storage.
  • The second one comes with 6GB Ram and 128GB of Storage.
  • It does not support the micro SD.

Although some companies have reached the number of ram to 12GB But it is different for Google as Google is exploiting the ram as much as possible by closing background applications.

For example, you can safely keep Spotify, Facebook, and maps in the cache without any of them being force closed.

Google Pixel 4XL Pro Features :-

  • The phone supports face recognition feature which is safer after the development of Google but it has some defects it opens the phone even if your eyes are closed or you don’t even look at it
  • Raw android provides you with the best experience of using in addition to the excellent processor and the latest android system, the phone can not be compared to any other Android phone inefficiency
  • insane performance and very light interface.
  • a different design with mixed colors on the same device.

Google Pixel 4XL Pro cons:-

  • The battery size is fairly low compared to the high screen quality and update rate of 90 Hz, which drains the maximum amount of battery power in case you want to complete it today.
  • With one charge you must reduce the rate of update to 60 Hz and reduce the quality of the screen and this is one of the most prominent defects of the phone.
  • The front camera is not good enough in low light.

Final Thoughts Should You Buy it or Not?

if you are an Android fan so Google Pixel 4Xl should be in your mind as a perfect device in-camera, performance, Display and design.

you can photograph high-resolution pictures and enjoy some games with 90 Hz and great performance. You can get a lot of features with Google Pixel 4Xl such as the excellent voice assistant which works with ai and it’s really insane and helpful.


  • The first version, which comes with a storage space of 64 GB, was advertised at a price of $900, while the larger version with a storage space of 128 GB comes at a price of 1000 dollars.

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