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Oneplus 7T Pro Review | The Best Value you can get

If you’re looking for a no-compromise flagship without spending big bucks, a OnePlus phone is probably on your mind Oneplus wasn’t very popular in previous years because they were facing big companies like Apple and Samsung, companies that are very popular and people trust them and buy their phones

So OnePlus knew that the only way to compete these companies is to give people high value phones compare to what they are paying for in This Article, we will Review Oneplus 7T Pro also known as The Flagship killer Because The power that one plus gave him So Stick with us to the end to see the full picture

Design :-

First things first also the Prettiest thing The Design, of course, Oneplus 7T pro Comes with amazing design in 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm it’s quite big and heavy too Weighs 206g but it’s really amazing I can assure you that you will never see a phone like this

oneplus 7t pro display

The phone comes with premium manufacturing materials to give you the best experience ever it covered by Gorilla Glass 5 from both sides and aluminum frame it feels the same as Samsung Galaxy S10+ The phone’s design doesn’t garner much of a change But That’s okay since the OnePlus 7 Pro was already one of the most stunning phones around

What makes the Design Really Stunning is that nothing you can see in the front of the phone except the Display everything else is hidden inside sliders like the front facing camera and the sensors

Display :-

oneplus 7t pro display

Oneplus 7T Pro comes with Amazing 6.67 inch Fluid AMOLED Edged display with 1440 x 3120 pixels (QHD+) and a pixel density of 516 pixels per inch with 19.5:9 dimensions Protected with Gorilla Glass 5 layer The Display Supports 90 Hz which makes it smoother and clearer The Display Covers almost the whole phone from the front it takes 88.1% screen to body ratio and that makes the phone looks amazing

The Curve in the Display is not too deep like the waterfall display on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro it feels very good in the hand and you will get used to it this is probably the prettiest Display ever thanks to the pop-up mechanism that hides the selfie camera The Display also supports HDR10+ technology which gives a deeper black color and makes the white color brighter it will help you a lot if you love watching movies and videos

Performance :-

oneplus 7t pro benchmark

oneplus 7t pro benchmark

OnePlus always plays on 2 things to compete number 1 fast and high performance number 2 the price so let’s talk a little about the monster OnePlus 7T Pro comes with Qualcomm processor, SnapDragon 855+ 7nm Octa-core combined with Oneplus interface that it’s considered one of the fastest interfaces that give you the best user experience and performance at this price and in GBU it comes with Adreno 640

Qualcomm claims a 15% upgrade in GPU performance than last version

Rear Camera :-

oneplus 7t pro camera

Oneplus 7T Pro comes with a triple camera in the back of the phone in a vertical mode in the middle Under it you will find the flash sensor so let’s talk about them first of all

The Main Camera :-

The phone comes with a basic 48 MP camera with an f/1.6 aperture supported by OIS optical image stabilization and this camera captures amazing Pictures in Medium-light but struggling in low light even with low Night mode Capturing detail is no bother for the OnePlus 7T Pro thanks to its 48MP IMX586 sensor. That said, it doesn’t add heaps of software sharpening, which helps make the resulting images look more natural.

and also thanks to nightscape mode which gives you excellent colors and bright in night-time shooting The camera supports 4K video recording at 60 frames per second or 30 frames it’s up to you and also supports 1080p video recording at an excellent Frame rate up to 240 frames per second and also supports HDR video features and OIS optical image stabilization

Telephoto Camera :-

oneplus 7t pro camera

This 8 megapixel camera comes with an f/2.4 aperture with the possibility of 3x optical zoom and also comes with an OIS optical image stabilization Softness is more noticeable in shots taken with the 3x telephoto camera due to the lesser sensor and lens. This is common across most smartphones. the camera also supports the isolation modes perfectly 

UltraWide Camera :-

This 16-megapixel camera comes with an f/2.2 aperture and comes with a very wide angle that lets you take pictures with more details and more people, of course, OnePlus’ new wide-angle portrait mode is super useful for those times when you just can’t back up enough for the shot.

Edge detection, focus roll-off, and realism seem to work just as well in this wide portrait mode as in the regular, more zoomed one and also features macro mode which keeps the details very complex and sharp in perfect clarity.

Selfie Camera :-

oneplus 7t pro selfie camera

Probably this is the most amazing feature in the phone thanks to this moving slider that hides the front facing camera, The selfie camera functions exactly the same as it does on the OnePlus 7 Pro But it is mostly silent and very quick to activate. In fact, it is fast enough to be used for face unlock if you chose also supports fingerprint scanner in the display

The Selfie Camera comes with a 16-megapixel resolution with f/2.0 aperture Supporting HDR it can record videos at [email protected] The 7T Pro’s selfie camera is pretty much just the 7 Pro’s with some software tweaks. The images are sharp and detailed with great color across the board. Portrait selfies could use a bit of work since the edge detection isn’t quite up to par with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Google Pixel

Battery life :-

oneplus 7t pro battery test

Oneplus 7T Pro comes with a 4085 mAh large battery it also supports Fast Charging 30W it fully charges in 71 minutes and you can charge 68% of the battery volume in less than half an hour it’s good and reliable also check GSMArena Review For more details

Software :-

oneplus 7t pro software

The phone comes with android 10 with Oxygen OS 10 and 8GB of Ram But there is a special Edition a McLaren Edition That comes with 12GB Ram but 8GB is more than enough for normal people

Oxygen OS 10 is a great refinement of 9.5, and many of the improvements were focused on the camera. For example, macro mode and dual-FoV portrait mode have been added to the app allowing for even more versatility with the 7T Pro’s triple camera setup. On top of these, OnePlus made some notable changes to how the 7T Pro processes images.

Sound Quality :-

oneplus 7t pro speakers

Oneplus 7T Pro comes with loud and clear Stereo Speakers but does not support the 3.5 mm headphone jack plus an additional microphone to isolate the noise and finally, Dolby Atmos Sound makes the sound come out in all directions as if it were 3D but this is not a new feature we have seen in Samsung Phones but it’s still great to have it here

One Plus 7T Pro Pros :-

  • Amazing Design with a premium feel and high quality materials
  • Fast Charging which enables you to charge most of the battery in less than half an hour
  • 90 Hz Screen That gives you a smooth experience
  • Fingerprint Built in Screen that is very fast and accurate
  • Good and sharp 48 megapixel camera in high lights
  • Fast performance with light interface
  • decent price and high value compared to the price
  • good selfie camera with nice moving slider

One Plus 7T Pro cons :-

  • The camera is disappointing in low light the phone is struggling to keep the dynamic range up in low light even with the night mode enabled
  • No audio jack, no microSD slot
  • No wireless charging
  • The ultrawide and zoom cameras offer only [email protected] video capturing

Final Thoughts Should You Buy it or Not?

The OnePlus 7T Pro may be the smallest upgrade to date and is surely not worth upgrading over the 7 Pro. That said, the 7T Pro is still one of the best smartphones money can get you today.

It is one of the few devices with a high-refresh-rate screen, the latest Snapdragon is inside, and a triple-camera that offers exceptional performance So if you have the Oneplus 7T definitely Do not upgrade but if you don’t have it and you are willing to buy a new smartphone with decent price this is your best choice

What’s in the box?

oneplus 7t pro review
  • 30W Warp Charge 30T charging brick
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Clear TPU case
  • Quick start guide
  • OnePlus 7T Pro

Colors :-

oneplus 7t pro camera colors
  • Mirror Grey
  • Almond
  • Nebula Blue

Price :-

  • This phone comes at the price of $640 for the lower version in ram (8 GB)

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