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Phones Reviews Category Contains All The Latest Full Phone Reviews We Have Made Our Reviews Focus on The User Experience Not The Specs of The Phone

Google Pixel 4XL Full Review | what’s New?

Google fans began to lose their excitement towards its Flagships and I think they are right because Google has a problem with its phones every year. The first version had a terrible design and build quality, the second had display issues, the third had terrible notch and bad design, So every year Google has such a problem like that, but I…

Samsung S20 Plus Ultimate Review | Buy This one

This is the second year for Samsung to launch three models of its latest Galaxy S flagship. You have the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but in this article, we are gonna talk about Samsung S20+ We all know that Samsung has great fame because of its Screens which are really perfect with the highest resolution and…

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