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Samsung S20 Plus Ultimate Review | Buy This one

This is the second year for Samsung to launch three models of its latest Galaxy S flagship. You have the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but in this article, we are gonna talk about Samsung S20+ We all know that Samsung has great fame because of its Screens which are really perfect with the highest resolution and actually Apple gets its screens from Samsung then modifies it. 

s20 plus ultimate review

but this year it’s completely different from the Samsung S20 Plus as it comes with imaginary specs we didn’t even see before at any flagship, but the most important question is: Are these imaginary specs just numbers or not? The three versions come with almost the same specifications like the processor, system, and display but we will find some differences with the largest version, The Galaxy S20 ultra and there are the major differences between the three versions.

s20 plus ultimate review
  • The S20 and S20 plus have a 12MP Main Camera, but the S20 Ultra has a 108MP main camera.
  • The S20 comes with a small “6.2” screen size compared to a “6.7” display on the S20 plus and a “6.9” display on the S20 Ultra.
  • S20 Ultra and S20 Plus have support for 5G mmWave, while S20 only supports 5G sub6.
  • The S20 and The S20 plus have the “Space Zoom” thing which is only up to 30x, but the S20 Ultra has Space Zoom up to 100x.
  • The S20 Ultra has the largest battery size “5000mAh battery” then The S20 plus has a smaller one “4500mAh” and finally the S20 has the smallest battery size “4000mAh”.
  • The S20 Ultra comes with one more version with 16GB ram.

These are the usual differences between the Flagship and its large version, but in this article, we are gonna talk specifically about the medium version the S20 plus.

The Design :-

The phone is not much different in design than the old version “Galaxy S10” other than the size of the bottom edge has become smaller And the screens on the S20 series have only a tiny punch hole and are otherwise almost completely uninterrupted by bezels At the back, you no longer have the cameras placed in the center of the frame – they are now vertically aligned in the top left corner

s20 plus design

but the S20 Ultra is slightly different from them because of the additional camera which enables you to work zoom up to 100x called “Space Zoom” As expected, the Galaxy S20+ feels very premium. It has Gorilla Glass 6 on the front, Gorilla Glass 5 on the back, and an aluminum frame

The Display :-

s20 plus display

The S20 Plus Display is also one of the notable developments in the phone where Samsung jumped once to 120Hz instead of 60Hz which makes animations look faster, smoother and make the phone seem faster than every previous Galaxy flagship especially at heavy games like Pubg and Fortnite Which are more fun to play with the high refresh rate.

s20 plus display

but actually you will be surprised when you know that u can’t use the high refresh rate “120Hz” and the High resolution of the screen at the same time. if you want to use the high refresh rate, you have to low the screen resolution to Full HD+ resolution (2,400 x 1,080) instead of QHD+ So the refresh rate is great but what about the screen quality and resolution? There’s HDR support, and HDR content that you can find on YouTube and Netflix looks great.

s20 plus ultimate review

The display is perfect with high brightness levels, vivid colors (with the option to switch to more natural tones), and very wide viewing angles. actually, The display’s annoying edges are less curved this team around The S20 Plus comes with a 6.7-inch Dynamic Amoled display with a resolution of 3,200 x 1,440 and a 20:9 aspect ratio. So as we have said before Samsung produces the best screens ever

The Performance :-

Antutu Bench Mark For S20 Plus

As usual, The S20 Plus comes with the latest processor from Qualcomm “SnapDragon 865”, but this model is only for the USA and China, while international buyers will get the second version of it “Exynos 990 processor” and of course, the phone comes with the latest system of Android “Android 10.1” with the latest interface from Samsung “One UI 2.0”

but the One UI interface is a little bit behind Google Pixel series and One plus as these phones are much smoother In terms of storage there is no big difference, the storage capacity up to 512GB as for ram here we find a noticeable difference the phone comes with 8GB ram in the base model and you can get the second version with 12GB ram

Rear Camera :-

s20 plus camera review

The Galaxy S20 Plus comes with a 12MP main camera with a 26mm lens, OIS, 1/1.7″ sensor, the secondary camera comes with a 64MP sensor and the last one comes with 12MP ultra-wide sensor Although we have heard a lot about the 100x zoom and the 108MP Main Sensor which comes only on the S20 Ultra actually there isn’t such a big difference between the S20 Plus and the S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10 and Note 10 camera have an aperture of f/1.5 while the S20+ camera has an aperture of f1/.8, so its larger pixel size is somewhat negated in practice. That said, the Galaxy S20+ produces less noise in low-light situations The S20 Plus also comes with improved Night mode. By default, it takes a long exposure shot of up to 5 seconds ( with a countdown on the screen to guide you) to increase details and light in night time shots.

If you can hold the phone for enough time in your hands, it will try to capture the whole scene using up to 23-second exposure and the benefit of long time exposure is to get a clean shot with little noise.

We have mentioned before in this article that the S20 and S20 Plus have a 30x “space zoom” thing and you are gonna be shocked when you know the truth about it The truth is the S20 and S20 plus doesn’t have a true telephoto lens so how could Samsung achieve the 30x zoom? the only solution for this is to use the software to get this zoom and sure it’s not the same quality as the telephoto lens so this is a big mistake from Samsung as it didn’t mention this thing in its Conference

Front Camera :-

s20 plus selfie camera review

The Galaxy S20 Plus has a 10MP front camera as the S10+, though the aperture has gone down slightly from F1.9 to F2.2 because the punch hole in which the camera resides has gotten smaller We have a problem every year with the selfie as we get a rear camera sensor with a high-quality shot with no noise and perfect details

but when you turn over to the front camera it looks like they have been taken from a much poorer quality camera than photos with the rear camera but that doesn’t mean the S20 Plus front camera is terrible, actually, shots outdoors have good enough details and the story is similar indoors with good lighting so the S20 Plus front camera is good, but it’s not perfect.

Battery life :-

S20 Plus battery life

The S20 Plus has a good battery size “4500mAh”, the battery life is perfect whether you use the display at 60Hz refresh rate or 120Hz if you use the display at 60Hz refresh rate, the battery will last you all day with the default usage like browsing, gaming, and taking shots with the camera and still have enough charge to remain until the next morning.

The S20 Plus supports 25W super-fast charging, so you don’t have to charge your phone at night as you can charge your phone from 0 to 100 percent in less than 70 minutes. With 10 minutes of charging, the phone goes from 0 to around 20%, and a 30-minute charge takes it up to 50% The S20 Plus also has a 15W wireless charging and the reverse wireless charging is supported as well.

S20 Plus Pros:-

  • The new screen 120Hz refresh rate makes the screen smoother and faster especially in heavy games that support it.
  • 8K video recording is one of the best features of the phone, but actually the S20 Plus display doesn’t support the 8K resolution so it’s not a good deal.
  • You can also drag 33MP images from 8K video.
  • The battery life is perfect and will last you all day.
  • One UI 2.1 brings meaningful new features, including Google Duo integration, Quick Share
  • perfect shots from 12MP main camera.
  • The phone materials are of high quality and feel premium with good design.

S20 Plus cons:-

  • The selfie camera isn’t good enough
  • The Phone Doesn’t Support The 3.5 mm
  • The 120Hz refresh rate doesn’t work with the highest resolution of the screen.
  • Zoom quality in low light is bad.
  • 128GB of storage in the base model is not the best.

Final Thoughts Should You Buy it or Not?

In our humble opinion, The S20 Plus isn’t the best deal to spend your money on, you will be shocked when you see these imaginary numbers of specs like the 30x zoom and 12GB ram but, in real life, the S20 Plus is just a simple move from the S10 Plus and doesn’t deserve this amount of money.

And finally, we’ve come to the end of our humble review. So, do you agree with us that the S20 Plus doesn’t deserve to spend 1200 bucks on? if you don’t tell us about what you think Respectfully in the comments and we hope that we got everything you want to know about the S20 Plus from our article.

What’s in the box?

s20 plus review
  • Super Fast” Wall Charger (25-Watt) with USB-C connection
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • USB-C in-ear headphones tuned by AKG (with 3 different sizes of rubber ear tips)
  • SIM tool
  • User Manual
  • S20 Plus Covered by Screen Protector

Colors :-

s20 plus colors
  • Cosmic Black
  • Cosmic Gray
  •  Cloud Blue

Price :-

Because the S20 Plus is feature-packed, the phone doesn’t come cheap, with a starting price of $1,199 for the 128GB storage option and an additional $150 for the 512GB version.

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